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Title Comparison

Best trading broker comparisons. We compared the leading regulated brokers to see what key differences we could find.

Our goal was to create a side by side comparison of the approved brokers on wecomparebrokers to give you an at-a-glance overview of their features, broker details and fees. Our broker reviews and comparisons done by us testing accounts with real money and from the traders view point. You can also use our broker finder to look for a broker specific to your requirements.

Below is are the links to the side by side test we conducted.

In our testing, we used our trading accounts and ranked various points that we liked, did not like or were indifferent to. We tried to be objective and be fair minded when evaluating certain characteristics, based on what features the broker had to offer in compared with how competitive their fees are. Additionally, we have created our own unique rating system which use for judging all brokers in our side-by-side broker comparisons.